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Working and living in Thailand is a dream of many people from countries of a colder climate, although as it is often said ‘be careful what you wish for’. Many fail without the appropriate support, guidance and contacts from fellow countrymen who have made the journey well ahead.

Such as many things in life a well-balanced lifestyle is essential, and the unfamiliarity with the country, along with the temptations of this sunny ‘land of smiles’, more than just a few fail. You must take every precaution to ensure you are protected from becoming a victim of the countries challenging economic situation for so many of both Farang (Foreigners in Thailand) and of course the local Thai nationals. For successful candidates, we offer Thai Visa and Thai work permit consultation and application services.

On your arrival we understand you may want to take a holiday and explore the buffet wonderful things the country offers that first attracted you to Thailand; the warm climate, beautiful beaches, friendly people and relaxed way of life. Or the plethora of marvelous food and drink.... for just a fraction of the price of what you are used to paying. Even for these pleasures, for the right applicants our advice, guidance and contacts are offered prior to your starting your new job. We want you to start your new life satisfied, comfortable and relaxed.

Things such as accommodation and transport are easy for us naturally; through our local connections we will make sure you quickly access the most safe and efficient means of essential services.
The job options currently available are essentially sales and account management positions for Internet marketing and medical electronic supplies companies. The marketing companies cater to mostly Australian customers. The medical electronic supplies company is a worldwide service. Find out more about the companies that are currently recruiting.

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